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Need to entertain with a large dining table when you're only left with your living room space? Fret not! Check out this cool hidden...
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YouTube views at time of publishing article: Mar 13, 2012. Video was originally published on 26,581. If you've been getting shoulder aches, hand numbing...
Swedish Innovative Space Saving Table and Bed Set Design by Matroshkavideo
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Have a small apartment or room that you need to include a sleeping area, sofa and home office space? You can have it all...

Need to customize a nesting table with the exact dimensions you need? Follow this neat trick by HomeMadeModern where he shows you how to...
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Was watching the FYI channel on Starhub, and the trailer for this new show "Tiny House Nation" caught my attention. This is a "must...
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YouTube views at time of publishing article: 1,575,661. Furniture Video was originally published on 27 Jun 2011. Top 10 Amazing Space Saving Furniture That...
Slot Sofa by Matt Pauk
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Designed by Matthew Pauk, SLOT, the sofa and hidden coffee table set is a innovative and functional piece suitable for small homes. The seemingly...
A space-saving ping-pong table doubling up as a door.video
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A space-saving ping-pong table that is actually a door as well. Designed by Berlin-based artist and designer, Tobias Franzel.
Space Saving Furniture Series 3 - Spacelessvideo
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Spaceless, a balcony decking concept with integrated furniture by Sandy Lam. Check out the video demonstrating how the integrated furniture pops up....
Christmas Home Decor Ideas from CB2

It's that time of the year again where we get all fuzzy and welcome the holidays with family and friends. Check out these great...