According to a report from Toggle SG dated 27 Jan 2016, 40 year old Angelica Lee and her hubby 50 year old Oxide Pang who were married in 2010 are expecting twins in the Lunar Year Of The Monkey (2016).

The celebrity couple announced (27 Jan 2016) their happy news with a drawing of Oxide holding the hand of Angelica with the caption on Weibo. “In the new year we are filled with happiness to welcome our two new babies.” (Loosely Translated)

In another Weibo post (29 Jan 2016) where she seems to be celebrating her birthday with cake and balloons, she posted:
“During my birthday last year, I made a wish and this year it came true! Thank you for all your well wishes and blessings for our twin babies. Even before they are born, they have received so much love. They are really fortunate. Your well wishes will accompany me on my pregnancy journey. I’m grateful and thankful! Thank you!” (Loosely Translated)

They have a 16-year-old daughter, Yan Yan, from Oxide’s previous marriage.

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