36 year old Zhang Ziyi welcomed her first baby daughter together with 44 year old Wang Feng in Los Angeles, USA on 27 December 2015.

She released the happy news via her Weibo Acocunt with a picture of her hand and her baby’s with a short caption.

Loosely translated: “Dec 27, 2015, you, me and her… With the birth of a little life, we have our own home. All is safe and smooth, infinite gratitude.”

As a response to her post, her partner Wang Feng replied: “She has arrived; a lovely new baby… The dust settles, spring begins and flowers bloom.”

Wang Feng has 2 daughters from previous relationships.

The couple have been dating for 1.5 years before Wang proposed at a high-profile bash for Zhang’s birthday in 2015. They were reported to have registered their marriage in Hong Kong in May 2015.

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