In the 康熙來了 Episode dated – 20th July 2015, Fan Fan and Hei Ren are inviteD to appear on Xiao S’s and Kang Yong’s popular variety show to share their young parenthood stories. Part 1 of video above. Part 2 of video below. During the interview, we find out that:

1. Fan Fan and Blackie have been trying to have a baby, but had a difficult time with it. They were married 4 years ago. And have been dating for 10 years prior to that.
2. They had to undergo IVF, and failed in their first attempt at it.
3. Their twin babies were conceived on Xiao S’s birthday which is June 14, 2014.
4. They had a premature delivery that was to be expected for twins. Fan Fan had to be separated from her babies for the first few days because they needed to be under intensive care.
5. Fan Fan lost a lot of hair during her pregnancy due to hormonal changes (She had 2 boys)
6. She fell in her bathroom before she realised she was pregnant due to the drug reactions from the IVF. Sensing the possibility of being pregnant, she rejected Morphine as a painkiller when she had to undergo stitching on her injured eyebrow area.
7. She didn’t know she had twins till she went for an ultra sound.

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