Vivian Hsu Confirms Pregnancy

According to a Facebook post by Vivian Hsu on 20 March 2015, she is pregnant. The Taiwanese actress is seen holding a printed paper with the words “Li V Baby, Mummy Loves You”.

Loosely translated from the post:
“You’re considerate and sweet.
You know that your Mummy is a workaholic. Last December, when she finally decided to pause and shift her 2015 work schedule: European Fashion Shows, TV Shows, Movie Roles, to rest well and prepare for your arrival, and you came just as intended!

Your sudden arrival. I couldn’t release the news for the first 3 months. Anxious, nervous. I searched onh the web to find out what to eat, read books to keep up, made nutritious dishes to eat, wishing to nurish you (without making me fat). Buying CDs with music to relax you.

I’m so glad that you did not make me feel nauseous. You’re not picky and that you have a good appetite.

Your sweet Daddy is even more accomodating now.
It helps to encourage me as I can no longer do all the things I enjoy doing currently.
But I’m so glad to see you grow day by day. All this is worth it.

You’re the Lord’s gift to Mummy. The best Birthday Present!”

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