Huang Xiao Ming appears as a special guest on Zhao Wei’s interview with Lu Yu in 2013.
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He makes the special surprise appearance even though he was injured and on clutches to support his friend, Zhao Wei, on her directorial debut.

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The host shares that Xiao Ming had been busy filming endlessly the last 2 days and had not been sleeping.

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But Zhao Wei says that even though he had not had enough sleep, he can’t hide his good looks. He smiles meekly and shyly as this.
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He also prepared a birthday cake for her during the show.

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As the interview progresses, we witness their chummy affections for each other as old pals. Such as Zhao Wei hitting on Huang Xiao Ming’s thigh when she’s excited. And Huang Xiao Ming sharing a bottle of mineral water with her.

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He also helps her out with the bottle subtly throughout the show if you notice, for her to take a sip after eating cream from the cake. And to help her to cap it back when she had difficulty with it, without any words between them.

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Zhao Wei giving him a peck on his cheek to say thanks during her birthday song. She declares that whoever becomes his wife in the future, will be the happiest woman on earth, after witnessing his consideration for her as a friend. He smiles shyly again.
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We find out later that the cake had actually been smashed accidentally. He then requested for the cake chef to come down to the studio to redo another cake. The host says that that was a very touching gesture. Zhao Wei jokes that she regrets it now and laughs it off. He jokes that what she had said has been recorded on TV. The host says that it’s too late.

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Later in the show, Huang XiaoMing also shared that he developed a crush on Zhao Wei the moment he laid eyes on her in acting school.

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She was his “first childhood love”. But she flatly rejected his advances. And that it was totally one-sided on his part. He found her really beautiful. But to this day, they are still good friends.

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There’s a show reel that shows that Zhao Wei was one of the first in the acting class to excel in the acting industry with her breakout role as “Huan Zhu Ge Ge”.

As he’s leaving the studio, the audience cheers him on to give her a hug, which he gamely does to her shock. As he was on clutches, she did not expect him to have enough strength to carry her.

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