According to a report from on Sep 21, 2014 and photo/video footage from, the lovebirds are back together and happily in love. They spent 4 days together in Faye Wong’s Beijing apartment. Their re-ignited love was discovered by a photographer who had accidentally witnessed Faye Wong in the same car as Nicholas Tse and followed them. Video and Photo footage of their lovey dovey antics in the apartment were secretly taken by paparazzi across the building.

From various media coverage, it’s also been speculated that Nicholas Tse had written a song for Faye that he posted on his social media account on her birthday, titles “Now and Forever” (一生一世).

Zhao Wei was also hailed as the catalyst that helped them to rediscover their affection for one another. She had dropped Nicholas a hint that Faye was still holding a torch for him while she was a guest o his travel and food programme.

The pair had previously dated when Faye was 30 and Nicholas was 19. Within the last 14 to 15 years (Year 2000 to Year 2014), Faye had been married to Li Yapeng, and Nicholas was married to Cecilia Cheung. They are both currently divorced from their partners. Nicholas has 2 kids from his marriage with Ceciliae. Faye is now 45 and he is 34.

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