Update 2 June 2014:
Angelica Lee and husband have been spotted at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. According to the report from asiaone.com, she is likely suffering from gastric pains. In what seems to be their first outing together in a public area since the Third Party Issue was publicized, Lee Sin Jie looked tired and sicked. Oxide Pang was photographed sitting at a corner of a sofa checking his phone.


Update 29 May 2014:
Oxide Pang and Angelica Lee have released a statement via their Weibo regarding the cheating scandal.

Loosely translater”
“A 12-year relationship is not easily explained in a few words.

“We have slowly learned that marriages are not about a prince and princess coming together and living happily ever after.”

They indicated that they have sat down to discuss “right versus wrong, happiness and sadness, the past and the future”.

“Yes, we are definitely sad now, because there is love involved. If there is no love, perhaps it would be easily resolved.
“(We are) just like many other couples, and the many marriages that have met with problems and trials.
“Sorry for the worry and anger this has caused to our loved ones, but thank you for your concern and the space you have given us.
“We will face this together, the future is unknown, but we will listen to our hearts on the way forward, and let time reveal the answer.
“We are thankful.”
Source: http://news.asiaone.com/news/diva/angelica-and-oxide-address-cheating-scandal

Oxide Pang later released his own statement as follows:

“In the clarification this afternoon, the three words ‘I am sorry’ were missing, which gave everyone the impression that I am unrepentant.
“You must know, how difficult is it to say or write those three words?
“It’s just that I feel my mistake is not one which can be forgiven just by saying sorry, because I am utterly in the wrong.
“The mistake I made has also hurt someone who has sacrificed so much for me, and caused heartache and disappointment to those who care for her.
“I accept the condemnation from everyone. Because my mistake does not deserve to be forgiven, even I cannot forgive myself.
“I am sorry…”

According to a report from xinmsn.comon 27 May 2014, Oxide Pang (Lee Xin Jie’s husband) who had been caught by paparazzi kissing a model (26 year old Liddy Li) last Friday, made a rush flight to Malaysia yesterday to apologize to Angelica Lee. 36 year old Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang had been dating for 8 years before they got married 4 years ago. Notably, Oxide had a daughter from a previous marriage.

Oxide Pang and Liddy Li On A Movie Date:





The couple in happier times:







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