Starhub TVB Awards 2013   星和无线电视大奖 2013
The StarHub TVB Awards 2013 was held on 28 September, 2013
at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore at 7.30pm.

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The is the fourth time that this event has been held.
It is hosted by King Kong and Elaine Yiu

Categories and Winners for the awards of the night are :

  1. My Favorite TVB Actress – Tavia Yeung22203-01
  2. My Favorite TVB Actor – Bosco Wong22203-02
  3. My Favorite TVB Female TV Character –
    Myolie Wu (Triumph in the Skies 2)
    Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)
    Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles)
    Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)
    Michelle Yim (The Confidant)
    Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)22203-03
  4. My Favorite TVB Male TV Character –
    Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows)
    Moses Chan (Beauty At War)
    Bosco Wong Witness Insecurity)
    Kenneth Ma (Three Kingdoms RPG)
    Chilam Cheung (Triumph in the Skies 2)
    Ruco Chan (Slow Boat Home)22203-04
  5. My Favorite TVB Drama – Triumph in the Skies 222203-05
  6. My Favorite TVB Mega Variety Special22203-06
  7. My Favorite TVB Variety Show – Lady First – Singapore22203-07
  8. My Favorite TVB Variety Host – Pauline Lan, Lady First – Singapore22203-08
  9. My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple – Bosco Wong and Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)22203-09
  10. My Favorite TVB Theme Song – Mag Lam, Little Something from Season of Love22203-10
  11. Classic TVB Character award – Michael Miu
  12. Best TVB Female Newcomer – Christine Kuo
  13. Best TVB Male Newcomer – Jason Chan
  14. Most Improved Actor – Him Law
  15. Most Improved Actress – Mandy Wong


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