Under my radar recently, is a pop group from Korea, named Urban Zakapa. The featured video in this post is titled 커피를 마시고  or Cafe Latte. It is the a track from their first album <01>, that was launched in 2009. Urban Zakapa is pretty much a laid-back, easy-listening, R&B group.

From Left To Right: Park Yongin, Jo Hyuna, Kwon Soon-il

Urban Zakapa consists of 3 vocalists. 2 guys (Park Yongin and Kwon Soon-il) and a girl (Jo Hyuna).
Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) meaning *Urban , Zappy, Kaleidoscopic, Passionate).

The three of them are childhood friends. They write, compose, and produce all of their own music. Amazing!

Check out their new songs and music videos on their official Youtube Channel:

More images of Urban Zakapa:

“Urban Zakapa gradually rose to fame in a very organic fashion, driven by their impressive live performances and their refreshing break from the rest of Korea’s heavily-produced dance pop. The group’s popularity grew purely through word of mouth, eventually hitting the blogosphere and becoming the airplay royalty they are today.”http://www.mtviggy.com/artists/urban-zakapa/

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