After Aaron Kwok’s recent break up with long-time girl friend Lynn Xiong, he is in the rumour mill yet again. Barely 4 months away from Lynn, he has found a new love.

Aaron Kwok with Lynn Xiong

This time with a new beau.
Meet Anna Kay  葉熙祺 or 叶熙祺.

Anna Kay

Anna Kay

According  to numerous Hong Kong media reports, he has been meeting up with Anna Kay when she is in Hong Kong for work.  She on the other hand, has been spotted by residents in Aaron’s Kwok’s apartment vicinity, leaving the area  in a van, at least twice.

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A quick search on the internet reveals that Anna Kay is a singer from China who is venturing into Hong Kong as a model. The first English name she used was actually “Mabel”. Not sure why she changed it to Anna Kay.

Here are some of her past music videos from YouTube:

Anna Kay Music Video Playlist:

Hong Kong model Anna Kay appears at the Dorian Ho Fall/Winter fashion show in Shenzhen, China, 7 August 2013.

She is dubbed “China’s answer to Rainie Yang”, Mabel Ye Xiqi a.k.a. Anna Kay

Anna Kay

Anna Kay is trained in singing and acting at a performing arts academy in China.

Anna Kay

She has also done some modelling in Japan for Shiseido Hair Product “TSUBAKI”. Here’s the commerical:

Behind-The-Scenes Shoot for CanCam 2012 July Issue:

Anna Kay’s Profile:

Name : Ye Xiqi

Chinese : 叶熙祺

English name : Mabel Ye

Also known as : Anna Kay

Profession : Actress , Singer

Birthdate : June 19

Birthplace : Guangdong , China

Ethnicity : Chinese

Height : 165 cm

Star sign : Gemini

Blood Type : B

Almamater : Guangzhou Art School , Central Academy of Drama

Notables: Founder of Pretty-ism and Queen of Cute



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