Chanced upon the “Fix This Kitchen” series of online home fix videos as I was searching for “Ikea Kitchen” on YouTube.

Basically, this series is from the US and it’s a campaign that has contestants who send videos of themselves with their undesirable kitchens, seeking a makeover. Once they are selected, the Ikea Team, The Designer (Nicole Facciuto) & A Celebrity Chef will make their way down to their home to help them with a total revamp of their kitchen, for FREE! All it takes is a week!

In this episode from Season One, it features Brain Clark who is a chef in the day. Unfortunately, his own kitchen at home is not on par with his cooking requirements and skillsets. Anything from Layout to Electrical Appliances gets a total makeover. And it’s the bomb!

Fix This Kitchen – Brian Clark

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005  Fix This Kitchen - Brian Clark

Episode Synopsis:
Brian Clark loves to cook – in fact, he’s made his living as a corporate Executive Chef for over a decade. But at home, his antiquated kitchen is not the kind of space that inspires his best creations for the most important eaters in his life: his family. With the help of one of Philadelphia’s most-celebrated chefs, Georges Perrier (Le Bec Fin) and designer Nicole Facciuto, Brian’s wife Shawna sets out to surprise him with a complete kitchen makeover and a space fit for a gourmet cook.

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