Eden, a young Korean-American girl, is abducted near her home in New Mexico and forced into prostitution by a domestic human and drug trafficking ring located outside the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Throughout the two years she is held, Eden reluctantly ensures her own survival by carving out power and influence within the very organization that has imprisoned her. Inspired by the harrowing true story of Chong Kim, EDEN peers into the darkest corners of America and attempts to discover the humanity within.

Eden Movie Trailer (2013).

The movie is based on a true story of Miss Chong Kim. She was 19 years old when she was abducted by  a 2 week old boyfriend. Find out how she escapes from he clutches of the vicious trafficking ring in the articles below.

More at: http://www.survivorarchivesproject.com/archives/2006/10/23/chong-n-kim.html
” I am an Asian-Spanish American, thirty-one years of age and have been residing in the United States for nearly 22 years. ” (2006)

More at: http://www.cavalierdaily.com/article/2012/10/former-sex-slave-tells-story_1025

Read more about it  at: http://theithacan.org/22433
Chong Kim, a former sex slave, discussed the realities of human and sex trafficking with the U.S. on Tuesday night in Textor Hall.”

Excerpt of the interview:

C: How did you escape?

CK: It took a series of planning — it’s not a one-day thing. The first year I was in there, I literally became numb, I thought I was going to die as a sex slave. … When I started to become defiant with the traffickers, the traffickers would look at the girls we were close to, and with that, they would actually tie us to a chair and make us watch the girl that we were close to or the child we were close to get tortured, sodomized and raped for hours and hours on end. We went through beatings, we were held in the bathtub with ice, so from that point on, the only way I felt that I could get out was — it’s kind of like you’re in this hole, [and] you have rocks around you, [and] the way you get out is to climb out and get to the people on top, which are the traffickers. Basically, I had to manipulate my way to carve out their power, to make them think that I was on their side to free myself. And that’s how I got away.”

“It’s disheartening to know that at this day and age, that such prostitution rings still exists in our society. The worst thing is, it is happening even in developed countries like America.”The Japalang Editor


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