Space Saving Furniture for Small Spaces

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Need to entertain with a large dining table when you're only left with your living room space? Fret not! Check out this cool hidden...
Swedish Innovative Space Saving Table and Bed Set Design by Matroshkavideo
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Have a small apartment or room that you need to include a sleeping area, sofa and home office space? You can have it all...
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YouTube views at time of publishing article: 1,575,661. Furniture Video was originally published on 27 Jun 2011. Top 10 Amazing Space Saving Furniture That...
Slot Sofa by Matt Pauk
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Designed by Matthew Pauk, SLOT, the sofa and hidden coffee table set is a innovative and functional piece suitable for small homes. The seemingly...
Space Saving Furniture Series 3 - Spacelessvideo
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Spaceless, a balcony decking concept with integrated furniture by Sandy Lam. Check out the video demonstrating how the integrated furniture pops up....
Space Saving Furniture Series 2
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The OBELISK collection is really a work of art. When the four outdoor chairs and a table are stacked together, the entire six-piece collection...
Space Saving Furniture Series 1
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Fresh designs for for lofts, small apartments, kids rooms and office lobbies.

In this video, the featured home-owner, Christian Schallert from Barcelona, shows us his DIY, Lego-style home.  He invites a few friends over  for lunch...
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Spanish company, Arasanz's  Cromatic collection is a fun, mobile and exploratory. It is not only space-saving, but multi-functional as well. It's one of the best...