Is this an end of an era? Last week on 16th October 2015, Kevin Tsai Kang Yong expressed his wish to leave and kinda “resigned officially on social media (FB)” to the public that he intends to leave the show. His long-time partner and co-host on the popular Taiwanese variety show, Xiao S, follows up with the comment that if he’s not around, she won’t be able to continue the show without him, as it would not be the same.

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Their breaking news was devastating to fans who exclaimed “What are we going to do on weekdays at 10pm now?!”, after getting used to watching them at their regular time slot for the last 12 years. We are saddened by the news as well and wish this was a joke. But as it seems, all good things must come to an end. We guess it’s Kang Xi “Zo Le” soon.

It’s speculated that Kevin will pursue his interests in film making as he had previously indicated in other interviews. He graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television with a Master Degree in TV Production.

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He wrote, “I’m saying goodbye to Here Comes Kangxi. Of course, I told Dee Hsu about it first; then amicably tendered my resignation with (producer) Wang Wei Chung. I told him that I wanted a change – we’re fast approaching the 12-year mark with the show and the ones I want to thank the most are the tireless crew members. I hope that all of you found that it was worth it.”

“I’ll remember this amazing journey forever in my heart. In the past 12 years, we’ve shed tears of joy and gone through dark periods of time. People coming and going is all part of life; goodbye to my precious times with Kangxi.”


Dee Hsu announced her departure from the show with a post of her own, “Kangxi is something Kevin and I created together, a life that we experienced together and ten years we spent together that I can never forget. To me, Kangxi is incomplete without Kevin, so my dear, let’s advance and retreat together. Regardless, (I’ll) love you forever”.






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