16 Year old “Langgalamu” from Thailand took a year to master her Mandarin and when she performed for her audition on Voice Of China Season 5 in 2015, she took everyone by surprise. You would have thought that she was lip-syncing. Because, with your eyes closed, you would have thought she was Teresa Teng.

Surprisingly, she was not selected. However, she later performs together with Jay Chou.

They perform a duet together, and the song is “Qian Li Zhi Wai”, one of the songs he had composed.



In a short documentary, she reveals that when she was young, when her parents bought a Teresa Teng CD from their Hong Kong trip, she found a strange affinity with one of the songs she heard. And she could sing the full song in Mandarin after 3 times of listing to it, even though she did not know Mandarin. She tried to tell them, it was her song, she had sang it before. But they wouldn’t believe her.

Further on, the documentary accompanies her journey to Chiang Mai to search for more information on Teresa Teng. Teresa Teng, who had passed away in Chiang Mai in Thailand.

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  1. Lester Kok, 10/16/15
    If physical reincarnation is the stuff of imagination, and partakes of the mythic, we are looking at the next best thing here, a walking personification of Ms.Teresa. 20 years post death, Teresa lives on in 16-year-old Ms. Langgalamu, in looks, in voice and in spirit. Keep up with your journey of growth and discovery Ms Langgalamu, and thank you for honoring the memory of the all-time diva.

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