Was watching the FYI channel on Starhub, and the trailer for this new show “Tiny House Nation” caught my attention. This is a “must watch” for home owners who are planning to live in small apartments. There’s a lot of cool tips and real life hacks that’s being featured on the show. We’re presented with different homeowners in each episode.

The host goes through their requirements for a smaller home and helps them to achieve their dream home. The homeowners also have to come to terms with living within a more confined space, and getting rid of unnecessary belongings. Lots of cool furniture with double functions are shown.

There’s also a lot of usage of aerial space. Here’s a current favorite episode for reference.

tinyhousenation_0000_Layer 18

Tiny House Nation: Season 1 Episode 5

tinyhousenation_0002_Layer 16

tinyhousenation_0003_Layer 15

tinyhousenation_0004_Layer 14

tinyhousenation_0005_Layer 13

tinyhousenation_0006_Layer 12

tinyhousenation_0007_Layer 11

tinyhousenation_0008_Layer 10

tinyhousenation_0009_Layer 9

tinyhousenation_0011_Layer 7

tinyhousenation_0012_Layer 6

Tiny House Nation: Season 1 Episode 5

tinyhousenation_0014_Layer 4

tinyhousenation_0015_Layer 3

tinyhousenation_0016_Layer 2

Tiny House Nation: Season 1 Episode 5

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