After breaking up 15 years ago, Xiao S and Huang Yi Jiao finally meet up on Kang Xi Lai Le (Chinese Variety Talk Show) in early January 2015 to face each other. Watch the full episode in the video above.

Teaser Trailer:

Towards the end of their awkward meet-up, Xiao S apologizes to Huang Zi Jiao for affecting his career when she and her sister (Da S) voiced out their displeasure over his new relationship with a supposed 3rd party. She hopes to make things up and has been feeling bad from time to time for the past 15 years.

She says she was too emotional and young earlier on, and wished she had handled it better. She shared that she did not know her actions would cause difficulty to his career. Both of them start tearing at this point. Selina (Huang Zi Jiao’s good pal) tries to carry on the talk show while they both choke back their tears. Zi Jiao mentions that he was slightly angry at the low point of his career. But after several years and thinking back, he confesses that he had taken things for granted, and that stuff that had happened, was necessary to mould him to be a better person.

Zi Jiao mentions that he had received a Facebook request last year(2014) from Xiao S and was not sure if it was a virus, or if she pressed it accidentally. Xiao S confirms that it was her and she wanted to add him as a friend to see the feedback he had posted about her music album. Selina was promoting her new music album and it had a “Circle” theme. She hopes this meetup between the ex-flames would sort of help both of them to come full circle and come together as friends again. Xiao S agrees and mentions for 2015, she hopes to have less enemies. She also does not wish to feel awkward about meeting Huang Zi Jiao unexpectedly anymore.

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Xiao S and Huang Zi Jiao Have A Heart To Heart Talk Over Past On Kang Xi Show In 2015

Xiao S and Huang Zi Jiao Have A Heart To Heart Talk Over Past On Kang Xi Show In 2015




Update: 30 September 2015:
Watch the big reunion on the Golden Bell Awards 2015 between Xiao S, Ah Bao and Huang Zhi Jiao in the video below by 我愛康熙. Very Funny! Must Watch!:
金鐘50最大亮點 S脫稿和佼寶三人同台大和解

Jiao Jiao Wins An Award and becaused he had earlier vowed to propose to his current girlfriend if he won, he does so gamely on stage with a quick quip:
金鐘五十/黃子佼求婚孟耿如:找時間結一結! by

Jiao Jiao’s current squeeze: Meng Geng Ru In A Vogue Taiwan Video Reel:
2013春夏妝容 孟耿如示範糖果甜美妝

Huang Zi Jiao and Summer Meng In A Relationship. They are aged 19 years apart:
黄子佼Mickey默认与相差19岁孟耿如Summer Meng交往 忘年恋希望低调处理 by SMG:

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