According to media reports, Fan Fan has published a post on her Weibo to reveal that she was pregnant with twins on 24th August 2014. She posted the happy news with a photo of her and her husband, television host Blackie Chen Jian Zhou, holding a ultrasound photo of their babies.


The 38-year-old singer-actress shared that she only found out she was pregnant when she underwent a medical examination, when she fell severely at home on June 17. The bad fall left her with bruises on her face, hence the couple have nicknamed their new kids “Big Panda” and “Small Panda”, after they were discovered when she looked like a panda after her fall.

According to their gynae, she only had an 8% chance of conceiving twins at age 38. She gave thanks to the Lord and was grateful she was given more than she had asked for.

Hei Ren and Fan Fan have been married for 3 years. According to a video interview from Hei Ren, they have been trying to conceive a baby for a while with different methods.

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Fan Fan And Blackie Are Expecting Twins

Fan Fan And Blackie Are Expecting Twins


Fan Fan And Blackie Are Expecting Twins

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