According to a report from on 17th June 2014, Kai Ko has confirmed that he is no longer in a relationship with Elva Hsiao. Kai Ko and Elva were a controversial couple as they had an age gap of 12 years. He is 22 this year, and she is 34. Rumors surfaced between March and April that their relationship seemed to be on the rocks and the unconventional couple were having a cold war. After much probing and speculation in recent weeks from the media, Kai Ko finally released the bad news through his manager last Thursday to the media.

Various reports have surfaced during these trying times.
1. Kai Ko was photographed with his arms around a new girl (Tracy).
2. A netizen with a similar nickname that sounded like KaiKo’s Mandarin name was making accusations of a scenario that was similar to the couple’s. Writing that the female protagonist was actually the flirt, and yet she was pretending to be the victim. It has not been confirmed if the netizen was really Kai Ko.
3. Kai Ko was rumored to have walked out with a club with a model, holding hands.
4. Elva reportedly broken down during a song recording session.



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