Yang Mi gave birth via caesarean to deliver a healthy baby girl that weighed 3.18 kg on 1 June 2014. As Harwick and Yang Mi’s daughter was born one day before Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival), they have given her a nick name “Xiao Nuo Mi” (Little Glutinous Rice).

In the video interview above, Harwick’s father (Xiao Nuo Mi’s Grandpa) shared that Harwick was moved to tears upon the arrival of his daughter and his hands were shaking when he was tasked to cut the umbilical cord.

Harwick posted on his Weibo to share the birth of his daughter and wished everyone a Happy Childrens’ Day as well:
“Welcome! Lau’s family new member! Yang Mi (wife) you did well. Both daugher and wife are well. Wishing every child and my new-born daughter a Happy Childrens’ Day”


Yang Mi posted a picture of her daughter’s hand with hers and her hubby’s together on Weibo to share their joy with their fans with the message “欢迎你,糯米米”
“Welcome, my “Little Glutinous Rice!”

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