YouTube views: 2,534,197*. Five-member girl group Crayon Pop could be the next PSY in the making with their catchy song and funny dance movements. Adorned with cute helmets on their head and synchronized head bobbing, it’s hard to ignore this girl band that stands out from the rest of the Kpop groups at the moment. I think they’re singing: “JUMPING! yeah.  JUMPING! yeah. EVERYBODY. I don’t want to stick (stay) at home now. Pi Ah Pi Ah.. “

Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar

Spoofs of the infectious Music Video has been sprouting all over the place. Here are a couple for laughs. 🙂
Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar” Parody by Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency
YouTube Views: 135,795*

KPOP,크레용 팝 고양이! Crayon pop – Bar Bar Bar cat parody (speed up Ver)
YouTube Views: 22,047*. They sound like the Chipmunks

[Kpop] Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar Jump by US Army AFN 080813
YouTube Views: 90,727*. It’s caught on even in the US Army?? What?!!

[Crayon Pop] 빠빠빠 – 소방version (Fire Fighter Bar Bar Bar 119)
YouTube Views: 32,518*


Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar
*At time of publishing.


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