Chen Man Qing (陳曼青) from Taiwan wows the crowd with her drumming skills on the streets of Taipei, as she plays along to the tune of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”.  She is a Taiwanese YouTube sensation (drummer)  and is also knows as “Vela Blue”.  Currently she is 25 years old (Year 2013) and her Birthdate is 4 March 1988. She performs regularly at Xi Men Ding at Taipei in Taiwan. Catch some of her previous performances below.

Chen Man Qing 陈曼青


It’s My Life – Bon Jovi, Percussion by Chen Man Qing.

Pump It- Black Eyed Peas, Percussion by Chen Man Qing.

Chen Man Qing was also a contestant on a Chinese Singing Contest/Variety Show in Taiwan named 超级星光大道. Here’s a video of her singing performance:

She plays the keyboards and sings at the same time, during a street busking performance:
你那么爱她Performed by Chen Man Qing.

She plays the drumss and sings at the same time, during a variety show performance:
First Da – Sun Yan Zi, Performed by Chen Man Qing.

Gee – Girls’ Generation, Percussion by Chen Man Qing.

Very inspiring to watch her play, her enthusiasm and love for music is infectious. She sings, plays the drum and even the keyboard, the latest tunes to boot. Imagine the hours she must have put in to practice! Amazing passion.

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