Open Concept Kitchen from Qiu Yi & Kenji Lee of Chanced upon their beautiful kitchen on Google when I was searching for open concept kitchen ideas one day. I was really impressed at how “pocketpigdiary” managed to come up with good ideas of their home and how they managed to execute their visions. Their results are spectacular!

Open Concept Kitchen


They made lots of fantastic decisions on the usage of space in their home. The interior design of their home was DIY. They also sourced for their own contractor, instead of relying on a interior design firm. Plus they did lots of research when they set up their dream home together.  They had various inspirations from Japanese home design books, as well as their travels to locations such as Paris and Taiwan.

In this blogpost, I’m featuring their Open Concept Kitchen. Love that they kept the color scheme simple in white and light shade of wood. The inclusion of the chalk feature wall and bar counter was also easy on the eye, practical and cozy. Love their kitchen! Visit their site @ for more insights on how they got it done.










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