20 girls will vie for the coveted title of  The New Paper Faced 2013 this thursday on 3rd September at Takashimaya Singapore.

Here’s a quick look at this year’s (2013) finalists:

Razor TV Video On Auditions:

The New Paper Video On Top 20 Finalists:

Previous contestants such as Peggy Chang, Jayley Woo, Genecia Luo and Dawn Yeoh have sky-rocketed their way into the local entertainment scene after their foray into The New Paper Face Contest.

Peggy Chang, 1st girl from left in picture. The New Paper New Face Competition in 2006. She was 2nd runner up.

Jayley Woo, 2nd girl from left. The New Paper Face Competition 2011.

Genecia Luo. Finalist of The New Paper New Face 2003.

Dawn Yeoh. The New Paper New Face 2003 winner.

More pictures of this year’s contestants:

1. Maya Tan

2. Amelia Wong

3. Karyn Tay


4. Felecia Lie


5. Samantha Tan


6. Stella Lee

7. Humaira Masjol

8. Ji Won Heo

9.  Tan Ying Yi


10. Clarissa Teo

11. Ong Qian Ni

12. Saffron Sharpe

13. Andrea Soh

14. Aprile Marangos


15. Ferlin Leung

16. Asyiha Ams

17. Jade Rasif

18. Shazeilla Sariffin

19. Alina Ang

20. Noelle Woon

Who do you think will win the The TNP New Face 2013 title?

My bets are on:
Karyn Tay, Felecia Lie,
Tan Ying Yi  and  Saffron Sharpe!

Sidetrack: Peggy Chang is one of this year’s judge.

She was in The New Paper New Face Competition in 2006 and was 2nd runner up. Currently, she is the co-founder of a Cafe specializing in Tiramisu and a recognized social celebrity on the local blogosphere and social network. Follow her @sixpegs.

TNP Video of Peggy Chang:

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