The story of a woman  who loses her memory in a car accident. She eventually comes to realize the true meaning of love as she retraces her life for the last five years with the help of her ex-husband and friends. 

Movie Release: September 2013.
Director: Barbara Wong Chun-chun
Starring: Bai Baihe, Joseph Chang, Christine Fan
Genre: Romance/Drama
Country: China

Synopsis below from

Taipei, 2012. After being in a coma for a month, He Man (Bai Baihe) wakes up in hospital with amnesia.

The last thing she can remember is having an accident on a motorbike with her husband Xie Yu (Joseph Chiang) while on their honeymoon – but that was five years ago, and He Man is told that she and Xie Yu are now divorced. Her elder sister (Deng Ziyi) offers to take care of her after leaving hospital, but He Man says that’s not necessary.

She visits Xie Yu at the house they used to share and he confirms they’re divorced and he has a new girlfriend, Lily (Amber An). As she is so emotional, Xie Yu reluctantly lets her stay over, though Lily is not too happy with the arrangement. Still with no memory of the past five years, He Man is still in love with Xie Yu and does her best to please him, though he remains noncommittal. However, he does take her to the restaurant, run by Xie Yu’s close friend Danny (Ken Lin), at which they first met.

Philip (Tse Kwan-ho), the head of the advertising company at which Xie Yu still works and He Man used to, suggests they bring He Man back as their re-branding manager. The move works well, though the staff seem wary of her. Meanwhile, He Man hears from her former best friend (Deng Ziyi) that the first three years of her marriage to Xie Yu were ideal, but work pressures and other problems subsequently led to them breaking up. He Man and Xie Yu have to find out whether they can re-ignite their original love.

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